Simple. Beautiful. Powerful.

Designed to be easy to use, it is capable of providing useful, practical insights for junior analysts at the pitch level straight through the board room. And it is powered by the innovative stats and research you have seen delivered for years on

Below is a small sample of visualizations from the platform. If you are interested in seeing more, please get in touch.

messi image

Performance Radars

  • Quick and easy to generate radars for players and clubs
  • Efficient way to profile both performance and style across a wide range of attributes and metrics
  • Proven to be more engaging than basic numbers or bar charts in clubs across Europe
Chelsea Premier-League 2016-17 shotsagainst

Shot Maps

  • Used for player evaluation and profiling teams in attack and defense
  • Easy to scale from a single game to an entire season
  • Tons of filters offer you the flexibility and focus you need
 Tottenham Chelsea Pass Map

Pass Networks

  • Standard industry use now for opposition scouting and self evaluation
  • We have added in new metrics to show value AND frequency of combinations