What is StatsBomb services?

This past summer, I set about building a new, data-based tool set for football/soccer. My thought was that I wanted to hit the ground running at the next club I ended up at, and had a series of new ideas I wanted to develop since leaving Brentford/Midtjylland. I teamed up with Thom Lawrence of @deepxg to provide the tech know-how, and after a few months what we ended up with wasn’t a set of tools for another club, but instead a product suite designed to improve the performance and productivity of any club.

Thus StatsBomb Services was born.

What Do We Offer?

StatsBomb IQ

This is the name for our state-of-the-art web-based analytics platform. It was crafted with three words in mind: Simple. Beautiful. Powerful.

Designed to be easy to use, it is capable of providing useful, practical insights for junior analysts at the pitch level straight through the board room. And it is powered by the innovative stats and research you have seen delivered for years on StatsBomb.com.

The primary areas of focus for StatsBomb IQ are:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Team analysis and evaluation
  3. Opposition scouting.

Incorporating data and analytics into a football club can be a daunting prospect. With StatsBomb IQ, we have gone out of our way to make sure that is no longer the case.

Ad Hoc Player Evaluation

Recruitment at most football clubs is massively political. Therefore it pays to have an objective source of analysis to both cut through the politics inside a club, and to prevent the recruitment team from making mistakes.

We have professional expertise in recruitment of football players from the Championship to the Champions League, and have evaluated literally thousands of players from leagues all over the world.

Our player evaluation service delivers

  1. Traditional scouting reports
  2. Analysis of how the player will fit in to your league/team/style of play, as well as injury history
  3. Suggested transfer fee
  4. Background Reports

With transfer fees skyrocketing every season, the question changes from why would you use a service like ours to how can you afford not to?

Bespoke Consulting Services

Looking for a new manager that fits your club ethos? Or a monetary transfer valuation of players at a club that’s for sale? Or maybe a buccaneering right back with an EU passport? We offer consulting services designed to meet and exceed client needs.

The Set Piece Program

We detail better ways to execute the various set pieces, such as corners, direct free kicks, wide free kicks, and [REDACTED]. This includes video and animations of player actions for routines.

Not only do we tell you what the better ways to do these are, we also explain why these methods are more effective, and deliver how to train them so you can score more goals in matches.

Why should you believe us? Because set piece success isn’t random. It comes as a result of practice, execution, and innovation. Very few coaches in the world have our expertise in this area.

And because the first project we consulted on in football was the design of a set piece program that helped propel FC Midtjylland to the first and only Danish Superliga title in their history, scoring 3 goals in every 4 matches from set pieces alone.

What is the value of adding a 15-goal striker to your squad without paying the fee or the wages for that player? That’s the type of value our experts can bring to your club.

Why Should You Use StatsBomb Services?

No one else has combined our statistical and practical expertise with years of experience actually working in football. We know acceptance of new ideas is often intimidating, and we have proven time and again that we are capable of communicating these ideas in clear, concise language.

No one else has experience in recruitment in the price ranges as we do. We have advised clubs recruiting on massive budgets for the Champions League as well as small budgets in the Championship. These are different problems with different approaches and different headaches, and we have experience solving them all.

And no one one else offers our set piece program.

At the end of the day, you need someone you can rely on to give you brilliant analysis, who still uses powerful data techniques like machine learning to deliver competitive edges …

… but who also takes all the hassle out of working with data, while being able to teach you how to apply all of this to your team…

and who just talks football.

Welcome to StatsBomb Services.