State-of-the-Art Football Analytics

Our Analytics Platform, StatsBombIQ - Proven to Get Better Results on the Pitch

  • StatsBomb IQ provides useful, practical insights for the pitch to the boardroom
  • User-friendly data visualisations and analytical models aimed to be used inside Football Clubs for player performance & recruitment, opposition analysis and tactical performance analysis
  • Better ways to execute set pieces and how to train them to score more goals
  • Powered by innovative statistics and research

Find More Value in the Transfer Market

  • Search for players with the specific skills you need using customised metrics in our player scouting tool ScoutIQ
  • Analysis of how a player will fit into your league/club ethos/style of play
  • Suggested transfer fee based on robust statistical analysis
  • Background and traditional scouting reports

Empower Your Analysts to apply the learning on the pitch & improve results

  • Incorporating data and analysis into a football club can be a daunting prospect. With StatsBomb IQ we have gone out of our way to make sure that is no longer the case
  • StatsBomb IQ does all the time consuming analysis quickly and easily - at player, game and team level
  • Use our combined statistical and practical expertise with years of experience working in football to enhance the skills of your team