About us

Ted Knutson


Ted worked as Head of Player Analytics for Brentford and Midtjylland, and has consulted for multiple Champions League football clubs. His areas of expertise include recruitment, data visualization, and set piece design. A founder of StatsBomb.com, he has also appeared on Sky, been published by The Guardian and Daily Mirror, and is often consulted as an expert in the application of stats and analytics to football.

When he is not working on football, Ted is usually playing football with his son or cooking for the family.

Charlotte Randall


Charlotte has extensive experience in Project Management, Marketing, UX, Sales, Product Development & Business Finance and has worked in organisations ranging from start-up to multi-national. Charlotte has managed the product development of new apps & analytics platforms in Education Technology, new global ecommerce platforms in Retail and hundreds of UX improvement projects.

Charlotte spends most of her spare time with her three children but also loves a fitness challenge and often takes part in obstacle course races, half marathons and various other events to raise money for charity.

Thom Lawrence


Thom is an experienced software engineer. He previously worked on the real-time big data needs of the aviation and telco industries, before founding his own natural language processing startup. In 2015 he started writing about football analytics on his blog, Deep xG, gaining notoriety for his work on the PATCH defensive metric and various brightly-coloured polygons. He has since consulted for clubs in hipster leagues you probably haven't even heard of. His research interests are in new approaches to defensive data, and the application of deep learning to ever more complex football data.

Based in Sheffield, Thom can be found at weekends trying to stop a two-year-old girl pointing sticky fingers at the football bouncing around on his monitor.

Nathaniel James


Nat is a software engineer who has built a lot of websites and databases. He's designed handheld and web based applications for inspecting and managing fleets of vehicles, for conducting demand forecasting analysis and for visualising a windstorm's effect on an insurance portfolio. He likes trying to make information other people will find useful both accessible and visually interesting.

When he isn't sat in front of a keyboard, Nat probably either has a pen in his hand, or a rock climbing hold. He has not yet managed both at the same time.

James Hollingworth

Web Designer

James is an experience designer specialising in Web/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding & Illustration. He enjoys making tech companies come alive through bold and confident visual design.

When James is not at a computer he is usually found exploring new places with his young family or grabbing a takeaway coffee.