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Designed to be easy to use, StatsBombIQ provides useful, practical insights for junior analysts at the pitch level through to the board room. And it is powered by the innovative stats and research you have seen delivered for years on

Below is a small sample of visualizations from the platform. If you are interested in seeing more, please get in touch.

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Football Radars

  • Quick and easy to generate football radars for players and clubs
  • Efficient way to profile both performance and style across a wide range of attributes and metrics
  • Proven to be more engaging than basic numbers or bar charts in clubs across Europe
Chelsea Premier-League 2016-17 shotsagainst

Shot Maps

Our shot maps are also a critical tool in any player analysis. They clearly show players’ strengths, weaknesses and it’s quick and easy to filter the data by our huge range of filters so you can customise the shot map to include whatever data you are interested in.

Theory behind Expected Goals (and shot locations) is based on four basic principles:

  • The closer a shot is to goal, the more likely it is to be converted.
  • Central locations are better than wide. (This mostly has to do with angles of the goal covered by the goalkeeper from wide shots.)
  • At the same distance, shots with feet are far more likely to become goals than shots with the head.
  • Crosses are hard.
 Tottenham Chelsea Pass Map

Pass Networks

  • Standard industry use now for opposition scouting and self evaluation
  • We have added in new metrics to show value AND frequency of combinations
Acitivity Map

Activity Map

Activity maps give you a window into a team’s activity levels, showing the density of actions taken around the pitch. This allows you to easily see where a team tends to focus attention, and where they’re performing notably differently to the rest of their league.

Whether you’re looking for areas to improve, weaknesses to exploit, or strengths to be wary of, activity maps give you a great starting point for where to focus your attention.



Our trendlines have been designed for clarity, whilst allowing you to customise much of the data to suit your particular interests in a team's performance over time.

The default will auto load xG for and against over a rolling 12 months, but you can select the metrics, the timeframe, the number of games to be included in the rolling averages, even the colours used!.


StatsBombIQ have a number of proprietary statistical models - fully integrated into all of our data visualisations:

  • Suite of xG data
  • xAssist
  • xGChain
  • Passing Ability
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IQ Scout: Advanced Player Search tool

  • Search for a specific position
  • Customise your search metrics
  • Search for players most similar to any other player